Borrow License from Server for Client

You must have a working license server to use the borrow license feature. Your license must also authorise the license borrowing. Contact your account manager to know about this feature. Refer to Server License via Internet for detailed installation instructions. This step by step tutorial shall be used only for connecting a client to a license server.

  1. Start the License Wizard—see How to start the License Wizard.

The Welcome screen appears.

  1. Click Activate License.

The Activation Options screen appears.

  1. Click Use License Server.

The Server Activation screen appears.

  1. Click Borrow from Server.

The Server Activation - Borrowed License screen appears.

  1. Enter the license server address that you will access from your workstation. The License server must be accessible, running and properly configured.

  1. In the Port field, enter the port you're using on the server (if applicable).

  1. In the Product Code fields, enter the product code used on the license server. It must be the same product in order to authorize the borrowing of a license from the server.

  1. In the Duration field, enter the duration of the borrowed license in days.

  1. Click Borrow License.

  1. On successful activation, click Finish.

Congratulations !

Your Toon Boom product is now properly connected to the license server. The license borrowed will be automatically returned to the license server at the expiration date.