Chapter 1: Toon Boom Harmony - About this Help System

Toon Boom Harmony is an animation and digital content creation tool that offers you a wide array of features and options. Harmony is packaged in several different modules and allows you to create animation using the technique of your choice—see About Toon Boom Harmony.

Help Structure

The fundamental concepts of animation and Harmony are explained in the Concepts section. It covers the essentials of various animation workflows, basic animation principles, as well as Harmony's interface. Depending on what you want to do, you can either start with this Fundamentals Guide to get immersed into the world of Harmony and animation or go right to the How To section, which covers the main functions and tasks. All conceptual and reference topics are omitted to get you up and running in a very short amount of time.

If your work revolves more around system administration or coordination tasks, you will probably want to move over to the Installation Guide followed by the Control Center Guide to learn how to install and configure Harmony.

The core of this help system resised in the Production section, covering the main features and techniques you can use in Harmony to create animation.

If you are focusing on a single part of the workflow such as ink and paint or scanning, you can simply read the Fundamentals Guide and one of the corresponding module guides:

  • Paint Guide
  • Scan Guide

Other satellite guides are also available to learn about additional information such as the preferences and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Guide
  • Preferences Guide
  • Scripting Guide
  • Utilities Guide

If you are already a Harmony user and want to know more about the new features that were added to this latest version, refer to:

  • What's New (Release Notes)

Tutorials and Other Help Tools

Aside from the main product documentation, you can find supplementary material to learn more about Harmony. The Toon Boom website's online resources section offers a variety of videos and samples that can further your knowledge of Harmony.