3D Camera Motion

Once you have a 3D set, the exciting part is to do a camera move in it. This section teaches you the main steps required to perform a 3D camera move. Once you know how to do this, you can enjoy the delights of working in 3D space and traveling through your creations!

You can change the near and far clipping planes of the camera. The near plane is the point on the camera cone where the camera is located. The far clipping plane is the far end of the camera cone. Nothing outside that range is visible. This is useful when dealing with 3D elements and 3D sets. For example, the camera can be looking inside a 3D box or room and you might want the foreground wall to not obstruct the view of the interior. By default, the near clipping plane is set to 1 field and the far clipping plane is set to 1000 fields.

Camera Clipping Planes

If you want to view your 3D camera move, you must be in the Perspective view.