Drawing Identification

In the Xsheet view, you can identify drawings as Key, Breakdown or In-between. This helps to keep the Xsheet well organized while animating.

When working with several animators, directors, or even other studios, the necessity for retakes will often arise. Harmony also gives you the possibility to mark new drawings as either Retake Key, Retake Breakdown, or Retake Inbetweens.

If your production requires you to mark drawings with a custom marker, you also have the option to create your own.

Make custom marks for the Xsheet by creating your own icons, then cutting, pasting and changing a bit of code. Not only is it possible to have your custom mark appear in the Xsheet and Mark Drawing toolbars, but also in the Onion Skin and Flip toolbars.

You can create custom shortcuts for the Drawing Identification options in the Preferences dialog box.