Saving a Scene

It is important to regularly save your scene. As you make changes to a scene, an asterisk (*) appears in the title bar beside the scene name to indicate that the scene contains unsaved changes.

It is quite frequent, when working on a scene, to try out different timings, effects, camera motions or parameters to see which one will work best. Harmony allows you to save a new version of your scene. It is really important to note that the drawings and palettes are the same between ALL the scene versions. You can modify the timing, effects, parameters and camera motion, but if you modify the drawings, they will be changed everywhere.

When you use Harmony Network and work in a scene on the database, there are many choices and options available when you save your work.

Save the scene as the current version.
Save different versions representing different stages of the production of your scene.
Save different versions representing different scene setups.
Choose specific assets that you want to save, such as drawings or palettes.

When you open the scene from the database and select the version you want to edit, you can save the changes you made in the current version or create a new version. The simplest way to save your work is to update the current version.

You might want to save some specific aspects of your scene or save a new version. The Advance Save feature allows you to do this. Once you have chosen the components to save, you will conclude the procedure by following the instructions in the section. All the specific components that are selected throughout the different tabs of the Advanced Save dialog box will be saved.