Rendering and Compositing 3D Models

There are two ways to preview and render 3D elements in Toon Boom Harmony. You can render your scene using the OpenGL preview, or render calling Autodesk Maya, PIXIE or 3Delight in the background.

If you do not set up a plug-in to preview your model with Maya or your 3D software, the preview and rendering will be done using the OpenGL preview. The result will look flat and jagged, but it can be very handy while working and exporting shots for approval.

If you render a scene calling Autodesk Maya, PIXIE or 3Delight, you will obtain a smooth result with texture and lighting.

Before you can render the 3D objects you imported in Harmony through Autodesk Maya soft render, you must prepare your system by setting some environment variables, and adjusting the Network view in Harmony.

This section is very technical; if you need help, or experience problems while setting up the 3D rendering, please contact the Toon Boom Support team at