Reshaping a Drawing Using the Contour Editor Tool

The Contour Editor tool is a powerful tool that allows you to add, remove or modify points on a vector line and control them with Bezier handles. It is used to correct line shapes and modify a single part of a colour zone. If a line is too thin or has a gap in it, you can modify and correct it with the Contour Editor tool. You can also use this tool to create elaborate shapes.

The Contour Editor displays vector points around a shape and the central vector points in a pencil line. Pulling or pushing on these points adjusts the brush’s line thickness. Points can be selected and deleted. Each point has two Bezier handles for correcting the curves between two points. Shapes can be modified by pulling and pushing directly on the segment between the points. You can use it to perfect a central shape pencil line, a contour shape brush line, or even create an elaborate shape from a basic ellipse or square.