Drawing with Textured Brushes


In Harmony, you can use the Brush tool to draw with bitmap textured lines.

In the Brush Tool Properties view, you will find a series of default textured brushes, but you can also create your own collection by importing PSD or TGA files in the Preset list.

To create your own texture brush, you must prepare your texture file in a third-party software, such as Adobe Photoshop. If your image has transparency in it, it will be supported. The texture file must be either a PSD or TGA file. It is recommended that you maintain your texture resolution between 100 x 100 pixels and 400 x 400 pixels.

When you use the Eraser tool to erase a portion of a textured line, the vector frame is cut straight and you lose the feather created while drawing with the Brush tool. In Harmony, a special option in the Eraser tool lets you create a soft edge on your textured lines. You can also cut or keep the vector frame as is.

Sometimes you need to hide the line texture to see the complete vector frame around your lines. This is useful to help you see any dirt floating around your drawing.

At some point, you may want to modify the look of a textured drawing. Maybe you find that your line is too smooth or too faint. You can adjust those parameters by using the Adjust Line Texture Opacity command.

To hide the line texture in the Camera view, you must enable the Show Drawing on Top option. From the top menu, select View > Show > Current Drawing on Top—see Current Drawing on Top.

To draw with textured lines, use the Brush tool and the correct pen in the list. You can also draw with pencil line texture—see Pencil Line Texture