Working with Tool Presets

Tool presets let you save a variety of settings and are very handy and efficient for accessing the tools you use most often. That way, the tool is already set with the desired properties, such as colour, line thickness, whether to enable Draw Behind or Auto Flatten mode, and so on. You can create presets for these tools and many more: Brush, Pencil, Eraser, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Line. First, select a tool, adjust the properties, and then create a tool preset for it. Once you have created a tool preset, you can always make adjustments to fine-tune it, as well as create a keyboard shortcut for it.

The Tool Presets Toolbar

The Tool Presets toolbar lets you create new tool presets and manage them. There are four default brush presets to get you started—Rough Brush, Clean Pencil, Fill Paint, and Inking Brush. By default, this toolbar is not displayed.