tvg2xml Utility

The tvg2xml utility is used for debugging purposes; it will convert your TVG files to an XML file format that you can read.

Here is the format you must follow when using tvg2xml:

tvg2xml -file <filename (including extension)> [ options ]

Here are the available tvg2xml options:






-infile <filename (including extension)>

Use this option to define the file to perform tvg2xml on.

-outfile <filename>

This option is used to define an alternate output file. Use - for output to standard output.

-discretize [optional scale default = 0.1]

This option discretizes the Bezier path using scale. Scale typically range from 0.025 to 4. A larger number means a higher resolution.

NOTE: Discretize is a process where each pixel of an image is converted into the black foreground or the white background. The colours and grays of the original image are lost. By controlling discretizing, unwanted parts of the original image can be removed. This process of converting colour images into black foreground and white background is called discretizing.


This option will prevent the output of bitmap data. This will produce a smaller XML files if the bitmap data is not needed.


This option will perform a flatten on the layers.


This option will display the version information.


This option will display the help information.