Layer Selector

The Layer Selector effect lets you isolate and display one or more drawing layers:

Line Art
Colour Art

Layer Selector Properties

Parameter Description
Name Lets you to rename the module.
Read Overlay, Line Art, Colour Art, Underlay Turns the display of the Overlay, Line Art, Colour Art and Underlay layers on or off.
Antialiasing Quality

Smoothness setting applied to Overlay art layer. Choose from Low (no antialiasing), Medium Low, Medium and High (extensive antialiasing). The higher the quality of the chosen setting, the greater the amount of antialiasing that is applied. Higher quality images require more time to render and more memory from your system.

Antialiasing Exponent

Controls the amount of area around the Overlay art layer edges that is used in the antialiasing process. A higher value uses less area, resulting in sharper edges, while a lower value uses more area, resulting in softer edges. If the Antialiasing Quality value is set to Low (no antialiasing), this value is ignored.