Importing Scripts

To use scripts prepared by other users, you can simply import the *.js from where it is saved on the server.

To import a script:

1. In the Script Editor, click on the Import ScriptsImport Script Button button, or from the view menu, select File > Import Script.

A browser window will open and allow you to browse to the location on the server where the *.js files are saved. You can choose either the User, Global, Environment, or Job folder.

Here is an example of where those scripts can be found:

Global: \\(Server_Name)\USA_DB\scripts
Environment: \\(Server_Name)\USA_DB\environments\(user name)
Job: \\(Server_Name)\USA_DB\jobs\(user name)
User: \\(Server_Name)\USA_DB\users\(user name)\stage\1030-scripts
2. Select the *.js file and click on the Open button.

The script is imported and appears in the File list of the Script Editor.