Chapter 70: Deformation Preferences

You can customize the display of deformation, its functionality, and the performance of the system by altering the preferences.

Parameter Description
Scale Controls

The Scale Controls Preferences let you customize the appearance of the Deformation-Scale and Deformation-Uniform-Scale controls by setting the distance from the deformer axis.

Display Scaling Module in Pixel Size: This preference is disabled by default. The distance between the controls and the deformer axis is calculated using fields as a value. Select this option to change the value to pixels.

Scaling Field Size: The default value is 2 fields, meaning the distance between the controls and the deformer axis is 2 fields. You can enter any field value. When the Display Scaling Module in Pixel Size preference is enabled, this option changes to Scaling Pixel Size.

Deformation Creation
  Automatically Create New Deformer Structure for Each Pose/Drawing: This preference is enabled by default. When enabled, the Deformer groups will automatically be built using the more advanced structure, which lets you rig and manipulate deformers for several views of a character turnaround within a single element. When this preference is disabled, the structure within the Deformation Group will be simpler and will disallow a different rig on each drawing of the same element.
Deformation Convert Deformed Drawings
  Texture Resolution when Converting Gradient and Textures: This preference sets the size of the bitmap texture used during the conversion of deformed drawings to drawings. The maximum value accepted is 2048 pixels.