Opening the Sample Unity Project

Toon Boom includes a sample Unity project that contains all the scripts necessary to import the data exported from Harmony. Inside this project is an Assets folder which contains the following subfolders:

Plugins (where we have loaded our plugin)
Scenes (where you can find some demo scenes and a previewer to preview all your assets)
Scripts (where all the Harmony scripts are)
StreamingAssets (where all the Harmony scene files should be exported to)

All of the exporting animations from Harmony can be automatically exported to the StreamingAssets folder from Harmony by configuring the script. This way, Unity will dynamically load the most up-to-date assets as soon as they are dropped in this folder. You can also manually drop exported Harmony data into this location.

You do also have the ability to set up a WebDAV server. You can host your own server where you can store your assets, which will allow the artists working on the animation to preview the artwork without having to go through the programmer first to see what it looks like in the game. You will need to set up the server, copy the files onto the WebDAV server after you export them from Harmony, then install the Unity app on your iPad/Android device to open the files and preview them there. For more information, contact