Paperless Animation Preferences

When working in paperless animation, there are some preferences you can set in the Preferences dialog box to make your work easier and faster.

Task Tab Section Option, button or parameter

You can change the colours for the onion skin and other elements. You can also change the colour of the key and breakdown markers displayed in the Timeline view.

General Colours Edit Colours
Drawing Colours Edit Colours

When naming your drawings in the Xsheet or Timeline view, you can set a preference to name your drawings based on their frame positions, which facilitates the creation of key poses (for example, a drawing created on frame 1 is named "1", a drawing created on frame 5 is named "5").

Exposure Sheet Drawing Creation Use Current Frame as Drawing Name

In the Camera view, you can work in Line Art and Colour Art once you enable the Advanced Art mode.

Advanced Advanced Options

Support Line and Colour Arts

Refer to the Preferences Guide for complete descriptions of each option, button and parameter.