Adding a Paper Guide to Your ADF Scanner

Instead of removing the cog wheel on the ADF paper chute, you can make a paper guide to place between the existing paper guides to keep the stack of drawings in the proper alignment in the paper chute.

To perform this procedure, you will need the following materials:

A paper guide made of cardboard, a block of wood, or similar material.
Adhesive tape to secure the paper guide to the paper chute.

How to place a paper guide on your scanner

1. Open the ADF paper guides to their widest position.

Place the paper guide closest to the back of the scanner as far out as it can go (toward the back of the scanner).

If you did not remove the cog wheel, this will make for a very wide paper chute, wider than most of your animation paper.

Now you must create an intermediate paper guide to hold your drawings in place.

2. Place a stack of drawings in the paper chute so that they are touching the back paper guide. Make sure the back paper guide is as far back as it can go.
3. Position the paper guide you created to secure the other edge of the paper stack.
4. Secure the paper guide with tape.