Chapter 1: Introduction

Toon Boom Harmony is a complete animation solution that offers a variety of tools to suit your needs, from pre-production steps to the end of production. Some of these tools are provided in specialized modules, such as the Xsheet, Paint, Scan and Play modules, which are designed to help you focus on a specific task to ensure the efficiency of the entire production.

In this guide, you will learn how to use the Scan module and integrate it in your production workflow.

Topics Covered 

Harmony Scan Module
Scanners and SCSI Adapters

Harmony Scan Module

When working on a traditional animation production, in order to produce a scene, a large quantity of drawings must be scanned in. In order to speed up the process, these productions require the use of automated scanners. The Harmony Scan module is used to communicate with these scanners and set the parameters required to create the vectorization style and correct registration of the scanned animation.

Scanners and SCSI Adapters

The Harmony Scan module works with high-end scanners using SCSI adapters and supports our custom drivers and TWAIN devices.

SCSI adapters are not standard hardware in PCs and Macs. If you plan to use a PC or Mac as a scanning station, make sure to equip it with a supported SCSI adapter. We recommend that you dedicate a SCSI card exclusively for scanners.

Here is the list of supported scanners which use our custom drivers:

Epson 15000-GT Colour
Epson 1640XL Colour
Epson 836XL Colour
Fujitsu M4097Ddim B&W
Fujitsu M3096GX B&W
Fujitsu fi-6770 Colour
Fujitsu fi-5750C Colour
Fujitsu fi-4750C Colour
Fujitsu fi-4640S B&W
Microtek 9600XL Colour
Ricoh IS330DC Colour
Ricoh IS760 Colour
Ricoh IS420 B&W
Ricoh IS430 B&W
Ricoh IS450DE B&W
Sharp JX-610 Colour
Umax Mirage II Colour