Viewing the Final Lines as You Draw

Everything you draw in Harmony is vector-based, unless you purposely elected to draw as bitmap. Although, when you draw in the Drawing or Camera view, notice that your lines may appear jagged. This is caused by the fast real-time display called OpenGL. If you prefer to see smooth lines as you draw, you can enable the antialiasing preference.

Real-time Antialiasing

It is highly recommended that you use Full Scene Antialiasing. The Real-time Antialiasing method is NOT RECOMMENDED as it is heavier to run than the Full Scene Antialiasing.

Real-time Antialiasing is generated by . This means that when you draw your lines, the preview becomes antialiased as you go. If you zoom in more than 100% in the Camera view, pixels will start to appear. Your elements are still fully vector based. Only the preview becomes pixelated. Your drawings are antialiased to the scene’s resolution.

Antialiasing is a preference you can turn on and off; by default, it is disabled.

This option lets you see the final result of your scene as you draw. You can change the value of the antialiasing, through the Preferences dialog box, to fit to the current zoom level used in the Camera or Drawing view or disable it.

Real-time Antialiasing parameters are only valid while you work in your scene. The scene will be rendered to 100% of its resolution regardless of your preference settings.