Chapter 18: OpenGL Preferences

Parameter Description

Conservative Texture Management: Turns on and off conservative memory management for bitmap texture files. Performance will improve when this is enabled. If disabled, you will have a better on-screen rendering of bitmap files at the expense of slower performance.

Smooth Textures: Smooths out the pixels of bitmap images when zooming in; this improves bitmap image quality.

Alternate Gradient and Cutter: This is an alternative way to disable write in the OpenGL Backbuffer, required for some video cards (i.e. GeForce FX5200). Do not enable this option unless you are experiencing problems with gradients and cutters in OpenGL.

Maximum Texture Size: The size that the bitmap file will be reduced to when using the Conservative Texture Management.

Texture Memory: The amount of temporary memory used to store bitmap texture files.

Real-Time Antialiasing

Enable: Enable real-time softrendering.

Render at this Factor Times the Scene Resolution: Vector drawing softrender resolution factor. This is a ration of the global scene resolution.