Chapter 10: Introduction

The Harmony Paint module is mainly used in large productions where there is an Ink and Paint or Colour Stylist team. The Harmony Paint module includes the Drawing and Colour views as well as drawing tools. By using this module the Ink and Paint team does not need to learn the entire application, but can focus on the Ink and Paint process.

The Harmony Paint module can only be used with a connection to the Harmony database, unlike other Harmonymodules which can be used as a standalone application. To start the ink and paint process, you need to first fill in your scene’s exposure sheets and import the drawings that need to be coloured.

Refer to the Harmony Xsheet and Harmony Scan Guides to learn more about the previous steps of the production.

This guide is divided as follows:

Character, Prop and Location Design
Colour Styling and Colour Models
Ink and Paint