Adding a Colour Swatch

You can use several different types of colour swatches.

In Toon Boom Harmony, when you click on the Add Colour button, a new colour swatch is created using the colour of the currently selected swatch from your palette. However, you can set a default colour to be used every time you create a new colour in your colour palette. This might be useful if you want to create different shades of the same basic colour.

The default colour is also the colour used when you choose to vectorize images that you are scanning into your scene, however you add the Default colour swatch to your palette in a different way, so that it is unique. It has a unique ID number that makes it recognizable from all the other colours in your colour palettes. Being able to change this colour allows you to change the basic colour of all scanned drawings. This can be useful on more than just an aesthetic level as sometimes when you go to NTSC or PAL, pure colours, such as pure black, can create problems.