Chapter 16: Cut-out Animation

Harmony provides you with some great tools to animate your puppets. You can create simple animation using the Transform tool and you can create advanced animation using both forward and inverse kinematics. Harmony has advanced onion skinning and image swapping features to help you animate efficiently and quickly. For animation freedom, you have the ability to mix several different techniques of animation, such as simple rigging, hierarchy and symbol animation.

Getting the Character
Keyframes and Drawing Blocks
Creating a Simple Cut-out Animation
Selecting Layers to Animate or Position
Navigating the Hierarchy
Animating Using the Transform Tool
Animating Using Inverse Kinematics
Animating in Stop-motion
Animating Using Computer-generated Interpolation
Marking the Timeline
Flipping Through Poses
Using the Onion Skin in Cut-out Animation
Flipping Parts
Swapping Images
Adding a New Drawing
Ordering Layers Over Time
Resetting a Transformation
Creating Cycles
Copying and Pasting Animation
Adding Pegs