Importing Palettes and Models

Painted background

In order to paint your background, you have to load the location colour model and its corresponding palettes. Prior to the painting process, the colour stylist creates the palettes and models and stores them in colour model templates and colour model scenes—see Colour Styling and Colour Models.

Once your background layout is imported, you can start painting it. If you already created the location colour model in Harmony, you can load the required palette. If not, see Working with Palettes to learn how to create a colour palette.

Importing a Colour Model Template

A good method of importing a palette is to import a template from the template library that contains the location colour model and master palette. This template should be created when you are creating your colour styling and colour model for your project. If you did not create any colour models, you can create your colour palette directly in the scene.

Once the templates are created, you are ready to import them in your scene. Import the templates from the template library to make the models and their palettes available in your scene. Then you will be able to load the palettes in the corresponding drawing element and the colour models to the Model View.

There is no need to obtain the right to modify the library to import a template.

Loading Palettes and Models

Importing the colour model template in your scene creates a new drawing element. Importing also updates the master palettes; these palettes are now local to the scene.

If you are painting a drawing sequence, you can refer to the visual model to know where colours go, especially if the palette uses many colour swatches. Use the Model view to load the colour model so you can see it at the same time as you paint.