Chapter 11: Installing Harmony Cloud on Windows

You can use the Toon Boom Harmony Installation Wizard at any time to install Harmony Cloud Server as a service.

Configuring Toon Boom Harmony Cloud

The Harmony Control Panel can be used to customize the parameters for the Harmony Cloud service.

Running Harmony Cloud Manually

If you do not want to run Harmony Cloud as a service, you have the option of manually starting the Harmony Cloud server—see Customizing the Harmony Cloud Service.

Managing the Harmony Cloud Service

Using the Harmony Control Panel

If at any point you want to stop/start Harmony Cloud Services, you can do so through the Harmony Control Panel.

Using Windows Services

If at any point you need to start/stop or restart the Harmony Cloud server, you can do so through the Administrative Tools in Windows.

Uninstalling the Harmony Cloud Service

Network Setup

If your server does not have a assigned IP address on your DNS server, you should set up a static IP.

Setting Up a Static IP


Opening a Port for External Connection

It is necessary to open a port in your firewall to allow other computers to access your Harmony Cloud server. Harmony Cloud is using port 8080 by default.