Chapter 15: Installing Harmony Cloud on Linux

Before installing Harmony Cloud, add the following to the options list:


Default Value






Installs Harmony Cloud as a service. This parameter is required if this machine is the Harmony Cloud web server.

Configuring the Licensing

Setting Up in a Non-Gui Environment

Configuring Toon Boom Harmony Cloud

Running Harmony Cloud as a Service

After installing Harmony Cloud, you will need to start the service.

Customizing the Harmony Cloud Service

You have the ability to customize the Harmony Cloud service. This can be done using your favorite text editor. 

Running Harmony Cloud Manually

If you do not want to run Harmony Cloud as a service, you can manually start the Harmony Cloud server.

1. Using the Terminal, navigate to:


2. Run the following:


You can change the default port used by Harmony Cloud by modifying the Open the file using a text editor and update the value of the parameter –http-port to the desired value. See the following text:

./HarmonyCloud --docroot ../../resources/cloud --http-address --http-port 8080 --config ../../resources/cloud/wt_config.xml

The above parameters can be customized—see Customizing the Harmony Cloud Service .

Managing the Harmony Cloud Service

If at any point, you need to start/stop or restart the Harmony Cloud server. You can do so through the /sbin/service in Linux.

To start the service

/sbin/service USAnimation_harmony_cloud start

To stop the service

/sbin/service USAnimation_harmony_cloud stop

To restart the service

/sbin/service USAnimation_harmony_cloud restart

Alternatively, you can start or stop all Harmony Services with the following commands:

To start all services


To stop all services


Network Setup

Setting Up a Static IP

How to set up a static IP for Red Hat, Fedora or CentOS

1. Edit the file /etc/sysconfig/network:


2. Configure the file as follows; replacing the bolded text with your values:


3. Depending on your network card, open the configuration file. For example, if you are using eth0, then you would edit the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0.


4. Configure the file as follows, replacing the bolded text with your values:







5. Edit the following file:


6. Configure the file as follows, replacing the bolded text with your values:



7. Restart the network service:

/etc/init.d/network restart

Opening a Port for External Connection

It is necessary to open a port in your firewall to allow other computers to access your Harmony Cloud server. Harmony Cloud is using port 8080 by default.