If you have any outstanding issues running Toon Boom Harmony after installation, review the installation and configuration instructions to make sure you have followed them completely. If you continue to have problems, consult the following list to troubleshoot common installation and configuration problems.

Problem: License Error When Starting a Toon Boom Harmony Module
Problem: Unable to Import Sample Scene (Errors with the tbdbserver)
Problem: Unable to Open Sample Scene on Clients
Problem: resolution.conf Error Message

If you are getting license errors when you start a Toon Boom Harmony module, verify the setup and configuration of the license service.

Check the tbdbserver.log file. It is usually stored in C:\ProgramData\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony.

If there is no log file, restart the tbdbserver.

You can also run the Dbserver from the command shell in debug mode to receive additional information about the process.

If clients cannot open the sample scene, it is possible that they are not connected to the database server. Follow the instructions for connecting to the server—see Setting Up the Database Server.

When you open the sample scene, you might get an error message that says that the resolution.conf file cannot be opened. This file is usually stored in the environment or job directory of your database. There is a resolution.conf file you can copy.