Installing Toon Boom Harmony

Now that you have verified your minimum requirements and configured your hardware and software, you are ready to install Toon Boom Harmony.

You will perform the following tasks:

1. Upgrading from a Previous Installation
2. Installing Toon Boom Harmony

If you are not upgrading from a previous installation of Toon Boom Harmony, go to Installing Toon Boom Harmony.

If you are performing an upgrade, pick a time when Toon Boom Harmony production is slow or stopped. During the upgrade, no users can run any of the Toon Boom Harmony modules and all rendering jobs must be stopped or completed.

Before you can update a previous installation of Toon Boom Harmony, you must stop all services, including:

The database server
Batch processing
The license server

Stopping Services Affecting Harmony

Stopping the License Server

Removing Harmony Related Environment Variables

To complete the installation, you need to remove some environment variables set by the previous installation.

Please do this with caution.
1. Click the Start menu and select Control Panel.

The Control Panel opens.

2. Double-click on System and select the Advanced system settings link in the left panel.
3. In the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.
4. In the System Variables panel, select LM_LICENSE_FILE if it is listed, and then click Delete button to delete LM_LICENSE_FILE.
5. Delete any of the following variables if they appear in the System or User variables lists: TOONBOOM_LICENSE_FILE, USADB, USADIR or USAROOT.

Backing Up Configuration Files

You also need to back up any necessary configuration files from the machine in case you want to reuse them. You can also back up the license.dat file as well.

Uninstalling the Previous Version of Toon Boom Harmony or Opus

Now you will uninstall the previous version of Harmony or Opus.