Harmony Installation

Now that you have verified the minimum requirements and configured your hardware and software, you are ready to install Toon Boom Harmony.

Here is what you will be doing:

1. Upgrading from a Previous Installation
2. Creating the usabatch User
3. Installing Harmony

When upgrading previous installations of Harmony or Opus, pick a time when Harmony or Opus production is slow or stopped. During the upgrade, no users can run any of the Harmony or Opus modules and all rendering jobs must be completed.

Before you install Harmony, you must create the usabatch user account on the server and on all the workstations that will performing batch processing (computers that will be part of the batch rendering or vectorizing farm). A number of services, including the tbdbserver, license server and batch processing are started using the usabatch account.

The usabatch account must have administrator rights on the computer.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Harmony or Opus, you may not need to create the usabatch account since you will use the same account that was created from the previous installation.

How to create the usabatch user account

1. Open System Preferences. By default, there is a shortcut for System Preferences in the Dock.
2. In the System panel of the System Preferences dialog box:
Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Click Accounts.
Version 10.7 (Lion): Click Users & Groups.
Version 10.8 (Mountain Lion):
Version 10.9 (Mavericks): Click Users & Groups.

The Password tab of the Accounts window opens.

3. To make changes to the accounts on a Mac OS X, click the lock icon at the bottom of the window. Enter your username and password for an account that has administrator privileges.
4. Click the plus (+) sign button to add a new user.
5. Give the new user the following name, account name and password:


The usabatch account name and password must be in all lower-case letters.

6. Select Administrator from the menu next to New Account.
7. Create the account:
Version 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Click Create Account.
Version 10.7 (Lion): Click Create User.
Version 10.8 (Mountain Lion):
Version 10.9 (Mavericks): Click Create User.
8. Once the account is created, open the Terminal and log in as the usabatch user:

su -l usabatch

9. Make sure you are in home folder of usabatch, then edit or create the .profile for usabatch:


10. Press ito trigger the insert mode.
11. Make sure the file contains the following lines:


umask 0

12. Press Esc to exit the insert mode, then type :wq to write the file and exit vi.

In a client-server network or in a standalone setup, you must install Harmony, as well as the following services on the server or the standalone computer:

tbdbserver Controls access to the database.
License service Controls the number of licenses and features available to Harmony users.
Batch processing Controls batch vectorizing and rendering queues.
Link server If you are installing Harmony on a Mac OS X server that will support Windows clients, you must install the Link server.

To install Harmony programs and services, you must run the installation package. Before you start the installation, make sure you are currently logged in the system with administrator rights on your local computer.