Stopping a Process

An example of an extreme case is if you sent 10,000 drawings for vectorization and only one machine is available to handle the job (which means it will take hours to complete).

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STOP THESE PROCESSES YOURSELF. If you must stop a process, see your system administrator.

After you send a scene's drawing for vectorization or rendering, you can remove it from the queue easily. If the process is pending in Vectorize or Render queue (check the State column in the queue list), you can simply remove it by selecting the job and clicking the Delete button in the Vectorize/Render Queue window.

But once the vectorizing or rendering process actually begins, it gets a bit more complicated to stop the process. If you really must stop a vectoring or rendering job, you must remove it from the Vectorize or Render queues and then find the actual process in your Windows Task Manager, Mac OS X Activity Monitor or Linux Shell and kill each task manually.