Managing Scenes

When creating a scene, you must select the path where you want to store the scene data and where you want the new scene to appear in the Scenes list. You can create a single scene or create multiple scenes at the same time.

When creating a new scene or when renaming a scene, the scene's name cannot exceed 23 characters.

When creating scenes in the Harmony Cloud module, you should enter the scene names exactly as they appear on the actual animation. This ensures that the information in your environment is consistent with the actual animation.

The job and scene names are alphanumeric and can include underscores (_), but no spaces, or other special characters. The environment name is case sensitive.

You do not have to enter the word "scene" when entering scene names. The system automatically adds scene- in front of the name. For example, when you type"3" in the Scene Name field, the scene name automatically displays as "scene-3" throughout the file system. The scene name will have "scene-" as a prefix, but that will only be visible when looking at the scene on the file system. The scene will appear without this prefix in all the Harmony applications.

It is possible to configure your Harmony Clouduser account to allow for opening a scene in Stage directly from the Cloud interface—see Setting Up the User File Location