Vectorization and Render Queues

Before you can paint a scanned drawing in Harmony, you must convert it to a vectorized image format. The vectorizing process converts the drawings from a bitmap format to a vector line-based format.

Normally, when you scan drawings, Harmony automatically vectorizes them (sends them to the Vectorize queue). However, you can also use the Send to Vectorize command to reprocess all drawings for a particular element. Vectorizing prepares images for painting by creating vector files. You would only have to manually send scenes to be vectorized in special cases such as:

Processing images that were not scanned with the Scan module
Reprocessing a scene due to unrecoverable paint errors

The Vectorize queue displays all the drawings the system is converting to a vector-based format. After the vectorization of a drawing is finished, the completed drawing disappears from the Vectorize queue.

The Render queue displays all the scenes from the selected environment that the system is rendering. After the system renders a scene, the State of the rendered scene changes to Complete or Completed with Errors, and the scene remains in the queue. If you want to remove the rendered scenes, you must select them and use the Delete button.