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Use the Contrast effect to increase or decrease the level of contrast in an image. This is done by changing the contrast in the dark and bright pixels and setting the transition point between dark and bright.

Contrast Effect Properties

Parameter Description
Mid Point

The value that separates dark from bright colours. The midpoint is a value between 0 and 1 that represents the percentage of the 0 to 255 RGB channel range.

Pixels with colour values lower than the midpoint: These are considered dark pixels.

Pixels with colour values higher than the midpoint: These are considered bright pixels.

Dark Pixel Adjustment and Bright Pixel Adjustment

The amount of contrast to be applied to pixels that fall on either side of the Mid Point value.

A value equal to 1: No change

A value less than 1: The module makes the pixel colours brighter

A value greater than 1: The module makes the pixel colours darker

You can enter static values in the dialog box fields or you can attach these values to function curves to change over time.

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