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Element Manager

Use the Element Manager to add, delete or modify elements (drawing folders) in your scene. If you have drawing folders that are not linked to a column in your scene, use the Element Manager to delete them if need be.

To open the Element Manager dialog box:

Select Scene > Element Manager.

Elements: Displays a list of the elements contained in your scene.
Delete Elements: Press this button to delete the selected elements.
Delete Elements and Directories: Press this button to delete the selected layer, as well as its directories (drawing folder).
Add/Modify Element: Use the options contained in this area to add or modify an element.
Name: Type a new name in this field to create an element or to rename the selected element.
Vector: Check this box if the new element is a vector drawing or if you want to enable the parameters on the selected element in the Elements list.
Bitmap Format: Select the file format of the bitmap layer from the drop-down list.
Scan Type: If you are planning to scan elements with Toon Boom Harmony’s Scan module, select the scan type from the drop-down list.
Field Chart: If you are importing traditional animation, select the size of the paper on which the animation was drawn.
Add: Press this button to create a new element with the current parameters entered in the Add/Modify Element section.
Modify: Press this button to apply the parameter changes made to the selected element.

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