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Run the findscanner Utility

To configure your scanners using the Harmony Configuration Wizard, you need to know about the following scanner information:

Adapter ID number
Path ID
Target ID
Logical unit number (LUN)

To get this information, run the findscanner utility we have provided with Harmony. findscanner issues a report including all of this information.

To run the Findscanner utility:

1. Locate findscanner.exe. It is stored in
\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 10.0\win64\bin.
2. Double-click the file in a file browser to launch it.

The application opens a terminal or command prompt and displays a report.

In this example, the scanner is on the last line. The information you need is contained in this segment:


a6: this is the Adapter ID number and its value is 6.
p0: this is the Path ID and the value is 0.
t6: this is the Target ID and the value is 6.
l0: this is the Logical unit number (LUN) and the value is 0.
3. Record this information so that you can enter it into the Harmony Configuration Wizard.