User Interface Preferences

To customize your interface, you will use some of the preferences located in the General category.

The Levels Of Undo preference determines the number of actions retained by the Undo List. By default, the system stores 50 actions in the list. You can alter this number if you want to.

This preference does not require you to restart the application.

The Colours preference allows you to modify the colours of the different elements in the Xsheet. For example, you can change the colour of a Timing Column from peach to pale green.

Current View Border

The Current View Border preference sets the colour of the frame around the workspace view you are currently using, also known as focus. By default, the colour is red. Click on the red colour swatch to select a new colour in the Select Colour window.

Edit Colours Button

Click on the Edit Colours button to open the Colours window.

In the Colours window, you can modify any of the colours from the list.

To restore all of the default interface’s colours, click on the Restore All Defaults button.

The Colours window is divided in three categories:

Function Editors
Click on any of the colour swatches and select a new colour from the Colour Picker window.

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