File Toolbar

Use the commands from this toolbar to preform basic file functions.

Use the Open button to bring up the Database Selector dialog box. Select a new Environment, Job or Scene. The [Ctrl] + [O] (Windows/Linux) or [⌘] + [O] (Mac OS X).
Use the Save button to save all changes made to the open scene. The [Ctrl] + [S] (Windows/Linux) or [⌘] + [S] (Mac OS X).
Use the Import Images button to open the Import Images dialog box. Use this dialog box to bring in a single image or multiple images. Harmony Xsheet supports JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA, PSD, IFF, SGI, TVG, OMF, PAL and SCAN.
For a detailed description of all the options available in the Import Images dialog box, please refer to the Toon Boom Harmony User Guide.

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