Setting up a Shaped Zone of Influence

When you set up the boundaries of your Shaped Zone of Influence, you should be as accurate as possible and make sure that only the elements that you want to follow the deformation are included inside the zone.

To set up the Shaped Zone of Influence:

1. In the Deformation Toolbar, enable the Setup Mode .
2. In the Tools toolbar, select the Transform tool.
3. In the Network view, select the deformer module in which you want to customize the Shaped Zone of Influence.

If you selected the Shaped option in the Layer Properties dialog box or in the Rigging Tool Properties view, the Zone of Influence will be square. This square has control points on all four corners and each control point as two control levers. If you converted an elliptic zone to a shape, the zone will have more control points and handles.

Click and drag a control point to redefine its position and the shape.

Click and drag the control lever handle to modify the corners and redefine the shape.

Hold [Alt] down while dragging the control lever handle to move one handle at a time.

Refer to the section Converting an Elliptic Zone of Influence to Shaped to learn how to convert an elliptic zone to a shape.

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