Preparing the Project Directory

To set up rendering:

1. Copy your original Maya binary file *.mb into your Harmony project directory at the same location as the *.fbx file you have imported. This *.fbx file should be in the elements folder, inside a subfolder named like the element. For example: if the element is called PirateShip then the subfolder should be named PirateShip.
You saved the Maya *.mb file in Exporting a 3D Object for Harmony Using Autodesk Maya of this document.
2. Rename the *.mb file so it has the same name as the *.osb file.
For example: if the *.fbx is called PirateShip-1.fbx, the name the *.mb as PirateShip-1.mb.

3. Copy any textures used in the Maya project into this same folder.

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