Working in the Different Views

To be able to properly view and setup the 3D element in your scene, you will need to use the Perspective view and Camera view together, as well as the Top and Side views.

Perspective View
Camera View
Top and Side Views

In the Perspective view, you can see your scene in a complete 3D environment. This environment will allow you to setup and animate your 3D model more easily. You can rotate the view on the three axes.

To rotate the Perspective view, hold down [Ctrl] + [Alt] (Windows/Linux) or [⌘] + [Alt] (Mac OS X), and click and drag.

You can preview the position of your 3D model in the Camera view and see what it will look like in the camera frame. You can preview your scene in OpenGL mode.

To be able to view your 3D elements in Render mode , you will first need to add a script module to your Network view and setup your system with the correct path to the rendering utility you will be using. If you do not complete this setup, the 3D model will simply not appear.

You can use the Top and Side views to help you position your element in the 3D environment. This can really help you precisely visualize the actual position of your model without perspective.

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