Auto-Apply Option

When you modify a parameter in a property dialog box, Toon Boom Harmony calculates the modification automatically and displays the result immediately in the Camera view. If you do not want to immediately display every change made to your scene, you can turn off this default setting by disabling the Auto-Apply option. For example, when you are working on a very heavy scene.

Disabling this function will result in adding Apply and OK buttons at the bottom of your Layer Properties view and any other parameter dialog box.

Click Apply to apply the current change.
Click OK to apply the current change and close the Layer Properties.

To disable or enable the Auto-Apply option:

In the top menu, select Edit > Auto-Apply.

If you wish to always work in Auto-Apply mode, you can disable the Auto-Apply preference.

When the preference is disabled, each time you launch the application, your Auto-Apply mode will be set to OFF. You will need to click on the Apply button to see the modifications.

To disable and enable the Auto-Apply preference:

1. In the top menu, select Edit > Preferences (Windows/Linux) or
Stage > Preferences (Mac OS X).

The Preferences panel opens.

2. In the Preferences panel, go to the General tab.
3. In the Options section, disable or enable the Auto Apply preference.

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