Creating a Vectorization Style

With Harmony, you have the possibility to create your own custom vectorization parameters that can be saved and reused over and over.

You can vectorize your drawings using one of the following method:

Black and White, where all your lines become vector based, and 100% black and the white areas become completely transparent.
Greyscale, where all your lines preserve their initial textured look in grey shades as a bitmap image contained inside a vector frame, and the white areas become completely transparent.
Colour, where your actual image is completely preserved, as is as a bitmap image contained in a vector frame.
Four Colours, where using the advanced parameters you can isolate red, green, blue and black lines and turn them into 100% vector lines, thus preserving their original colours. See 4 Colour Vectorization.

To create or modify the vectorization parameters:

1. Enable or disable the different options available in the Vectorization Parameters interface.

2. Click on the Vectorize button to update the Vectorized Image preview.

The vectorized image is just a preview. The actual vectorization occurs when you click on the OK button in the Import Images dialog box.

There are a number of options to try in the Vectorization Options dialog box. These are applied during the vectorization process.

3. If you want to set advanced parameters, read the information located in the , then type in the Advanced Options field located at the bottom of the Options tab.
4. If you want to save your vectorization parameters to either reuse them later, share them or use them to set the Harmony Scan module vectorization style list, click Save.
5. In the Browser window, name and save the file.

6. If you want to save the current settings as your default settings, click Save As Default.
If you want to restore the original Toon Boom Harmony’s default settings, click Restore Defaults.
7. If you want to load a vectorization style, click Load and locate the existing *.vof file.
8. Click OK to finish the vectorization setup.

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