Displaying Tick Marks

When working with the Annotation columns, it's useful to display tick marks on odd number frames. To display the tick marks, you must run a small script.

To display tick marks:

1. From the top menu, select Windows > Script Editor.
2. From the Script Editor menu, select File > New Script.
3. Type in a name for your script and click OK.
4. In the File list, select the script you created.
5. In the right side of the view, type in the following script:

function display_tick_marks()


preferences.setBool("XSHEET_ANNOTATION_FRAME_MARKER", true);

MessageLog.trace( preferences.getBool("XSHEET_ANNOTATION_FRAME_MARKER", false));


6. Click Verify.

The script is verified.

7. From the File menu, select Play/Debug > Run.
8. In the Functions column, select display_tick_marks and click OK.

Tick marks appear on odd frames in the Annotation column.

If you do not see tick marks, close and restart Harmony.

To turn off the display of tick marks:

1. Follow steps 1 to 5 of To display tick marks and use the following script:


preferences.setBool("XSHEET_ANNOTATION_FRAME_MARKER", false);

MessageLog.trace( preferences.getBool("XSHEET_ANNOTATION_FRAME_MARKER", false));


2. Follow steps 6 to 8.
3. Close and restart Harmony.