Filling a Selection with a Single Exposure

The Fill Selection option is used to fill the same value all over a selection. The selection can be over one cell, a cell range in one column, a cell range over many columns, an entire column or many entire columns. You can use numbers, words, letters or any alphanumeric value.

To use Fill Selection:

1. In the Xsheet or Timeline view, select a cell range.

2. Do one of the following:
Select Animation > Cell >Fill Selection.
Press [Ctrl] + [T] (Windows/Linux) or [⌘] + [T] (Mac OS X)).
In Harmony Xsheet, right-click and select Exposure > Fill Selection or press [Ctrl] + [T] (Windows/Linux) or [⌘] + [T] (Mac OS X).
Click the Fill Selection button in the Xsheet View and Timeline View toolbars’ extra buttons.

The Fill Selection dialog box opens.

3. In the Value field, type the desired value and click OK.

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