Configuring Scanners for Harmony (Mac OS X)

This chapter explains how to configure your scanner to work with Harmony on Mac OS X.

Before you can configure your scanner, you should have the scanning machines themselves already configured, switched on, and connected to your system.

After you configure your scanner, you must modify the hardware so that Harmony can align images scanned using autofeed.

After you have installed your scanner hardware, you must configure your scanner to communicate with Harmony. To do this, you must find the name of your scanner using the Find Scanner Utility. Then, you must add this name to the Scan.conf file.

To modify the Scan.conf file:

1. Open a Terminal and type:


The path to Harmony's terminal applications must have been registered for this process to work. Refer to the Mac OS X Installation chapter to learn how to register the path to the Terminal application.

findscanner reports the following information:

Device found:


The device found€ must be copied into the Scan.conf file, including the angle brackets.

2. Modify the Scan.conf file with the Harmony Configuration Editor. Open a Finder and select
Applications > Toon Boom Harmony 10 > Tools > Configuration Editor.
3. In the Harmony Configuration Editor, select the Scan.conf tab.

Here is an example of entries in a Scan.conf file for a Fujitsu scanner on Mac OS X.

host: scan1
name: Fujitsu BW
model: Fujitsu_M4097D
device: <FUJITSU/M4097Ddim>
descr: The scanner to use for black & white and greyscale scans.
defaultGamma: .89
defaultResolution: 200

The following options must be included in the Scan.conf file:

host: [hostName]

where [hostName] is the name of the machine that the scanner is attached to.

name: [scannerName]

where [scannerName] is the name you want the scanner to be listed as in the scanner drop-list in the Scan module.

device: <device name>

where <device name> is the name findscanner reports. You must include the angle brackets.


where [modelName] is the model name of your scanner (the name is case sensitive and there can be no spaces separating the name and the number). Following is a list of supported scanners.