Creating Scenes, Elements and Drawing Lists

To be able to scan your drawing, you must have a scene, element and drawing list ready. You can create these directly from the Harmony Scan module without having to go through the Control Center.

To create a scene from the Harmony Scan module:

1. Launch the Harmony Scan module and log in the database using your Harmony user name.

The Database Selector dialog box opens, displaying the Environments available from the Harmony database.

2. Select the Environment and the Job in which you want to a Scene in.

3. Click on the Create Scene button

The Create Scene dialog box opens.

4. In the Scene Name(s) field, type the new scene’s name.

Press [Enter] after each scene’s name to create more than one scene.
5. Select the file system from the File System list.

Click on the Other File System browse button to select another file system to use.

Refer to the Toon Boom Server Guide to learn more about creating project in the database.

6. Select where you want to position your new scenes in the database scene list using the Add Scenes drop-down menu.

At Bottom: The new scenes will appear at the bottom of the scenes list.
At Top: The new scenes will appear at the top of the scenes list.
Name Sort: The new scenes will be sorted out in the scene list following their alphanumerical order.
7. Click on OK.

The new scenes appear in the Database Selector.