If you have any problems running Harmony after the installation, review the installation and configuration instructions to make sure you have followed them completely. If you continue to have problems, consult the following list to troubleshoot common installation and configuration problems.

On the Toon Boom Harmony 10.3 server, verify:
The database and data directories were exported using NFS.
Link Server, Samba and server.ini configurations for Windows clients.
On Mac OS X Toon Boom Harmony 10.3 clients, check that the database and data directories were mounted using NFS.

If you are getting license errors when you start a Toon Boom Harmony 10.3 module, check the set up and configuration of the license service.

On the license server, make sure that the license.dat file is in the following directory:
The license.dat should contain the following information:


SERVER this_host 0 ANY

VENDOR toonboom



Open the Activity monitor and make sure that the lmgrd and toonboom processes are running. If both of them are missing, you can start the license by typing the following in the Terminal:

sudo /sbin/SystemStarter start ToonBoomLicense

The following line should appear followed by messages from lmgrd:

Starting Toon Boom License Daemon...

If you get an error message when you try to start the license service, it is possible that you did not install the license Startup Item. Use the LicenseWizard to install license server Startup Item. Refer to, .
If you continue having problems with the license server, locate the file ToonBoomLicense.log and send it to The file is located in: /Library/Logs and can be accessed from the Console application.
Check the ToonBoomDatabaseServer.log file. The file is located in /Library/Logs and can be accessed from the Console application.
If there is no log file, restart the Dbserver. Type the following in a Terminal window:

sudo /sbin/SystemStarter start ToonBoomDatabaseServer

If there is a log file, the last few lines in the log file will give you some indication as to the problem with the Dbserver.

If you get an error in the log about the machine name, check the
/USA_DB/Dbserver.conf file and make sure the hostname matches the machine name of the Toon Boom Harmony 10.3 server.
If you get errors about the port number, another service might be using port 5680. You can change the port number in Dbserver.conf to any unused number above 5000.
Restart the Dbserver. Type the following in a shell:

sudo /sbin/SystemStarter start ToonBoomDatabaseServer