Chapter 3: Installing on Linux

This document explains how to install Toon Boom Harmony 10.3 on Linux Fedora.

This document assumes that you are familiar with Linux and are capable of working in a command shell.

Throughout this document, we will ask you to create files using a text editor. The console text editor vi is commonly used and is part of the Fedora package. Another text editor you can use is nano. To launch them just type their name on the command line.

NEdit is a graphical, user-friendly text editor, which may not be installed by default. You can download it from Other graphical text editors, such as kedit and gedit can also be used.

There are three stages required to install Harmony, which are covered in the following topics:

1. Pre-installation
2. Installing a New System
3. Configuration

After completing these stages, you can verify the integrity of the installation and resolve any configuration issues.


Topics Covered 

Upgrading From a Previous Version of Toon Boom Harmony
Installing a New System