Raw Game Data Export

This is the way to go when you want to stay as light as possible! Toon Boom lets you extract all the data from Harmony to incorporate into a game engine. You can extract the skeleton information, drawing information, and keyframe animation data.

Advantage: This is the lightest export, and will keep file sizes small which is ideal for mobile applications.
Disadvantage: You are somewhat limited in the tools you can use in Harmony. You can use tools like Morphing and Deform, but you’ll need to bake this out to drawings so they're interpreted properly in the game engine. Also you can’t use advanced effects like masking.

However, even with these limitations, you can create really great cut-out character animation in Harmony and extract all the data out. By moving, rotating, scaling, and skewing the different drawing layers, you can create advanced looking animation.

When you extract the data though, you get nice, tight sprite sheets that only contain the drawings of the body parts used in your Harmony scene file. You can also support multiple animations, such as idle, run, and jump, and reuse the same skeleton and drawings when possible by simply exporting new animation data.

Toon Boom has fully integrated this solution with the Unity game development rendering engine. If you are creating your game in Unity, you have a seamless pipeline without the need to re-treat the data in your game engine.

This Gaming Guide describes the process of extracting raw game data from Harmony:

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