About Batch Processing Schedules


By creating a schedule to monitor the batch processing, you can determine which machines perform the batch processing, and when they perform it. Each batch processing machine on your network has its own set of schedules and you can view and modify them from any machine on the network.

There are three types of schedules available for a machine:

Supervisory Schedule: Assigns a one-time batch processing job to a machine.

For example, you can define a Supervisory Schedule for a machine to perform batch processing work for the next four hours.

Supervisory Schedules Have the highest priority of the three types of schedules. If you define a Supervisory Schedule for a specific period of time on a machine, it will perform the batch processing work according to that schedule, regardless of what the Periodic and Default Schedules define for that period of time.

Periodic Schedule: Assigns recurring batch processing jobs.

For example, you can define a Periodic Schedule for a machine to perform batch processing only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Periodic Schedules use the days of the week so that you can have batch processing occurring each week on those specific days

In terms of priority, a Periodic Schedule supersedes a Default Schedule but not a Supervisory Schedule. If you have a Periodic Schedule active on a machine, that machine performs this type of batch processing according to its Periodic Schedule before it uses the Default Schedule.

Default Schedule: Defines which jobs the machine can process if there are no other schedules defined

Default Schedules have the lowest priority, and are used only when Supervisory and Periodic Schedules do not exist, or do not define the work to be done for a particular period of time.

When creating or modifying a schedule, you must supply the following information:

Dates and times for which the schedule applies
Machine or machines for which the schedule applies
Whether batch processing is ON or OFF (whether that machine does or does not perform batch processing work)
The type of batch processing to be done: Vectorize and/or Rendering
The environments for which batch processing processes the artwork
The priority of the environments to be batch processed (optional)

For any given machine, you can define, clear, and view the Supervisory and Periodic Schedules. You can only modify or view the Default Schedule for a machine.

You can also shut down and start up environments to stop and start batch processing of a particular environment on a machine or machines. When you shut down an environment, you are overriding whatever you already scheduled for it (according to each type of schedule). Therefore, you will effectively stop any batch processing jobs on the environment until you start up that environment again. You can also view a schedule status to see an overview of all schedules set for a specified time.