Stopping a Windows Process

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STOP THESE PROCESSES YOURSELF. If you must stop a process, see your System Administrator.

To kill a vectorize or render process on a computer running Windows:

1. Select the Job you want to kill from the Vectorize/Render Queue window and click Delete.
2. Right-click the Windows task bar and select Task Manager from the pop-up menu.

The Task Manager dialog box appears.

3. Click the Processes tab.


4. Rendering or vectorizing launches a process named AnimatePro.exe. Locate it and select it.
5. Click theEnd Process button.

TheTask Manager kills the process and removes it from the Processtab


If you kill a process, but do not delete the job from the Vectorize or Render queue, the queue marks the entry as in error (Pending-E) and the entry stays in the queue. This is why it is important to remove the entry from the queue before you kill the process.